‘Glee’ season 3: the songs of ‘I Kissed a Girl’

What songs were the best?

For an episode that actually was largely story-based on “Glee,” we actually have to give “I Kissed a Girl” credit for having some of the best songs of the season.

Here’s a rundown of all the week’s performances.

“F—ing Perfect” – Who doesn’t love a Klaine duet? Kurt and Blaine haven’t had many opportunities to shine this season, and they may actually be our favorite pairing of their voices since “Animal” back in season two. While this wasn’t necessarily perfect courtesy of whatever sweating Chris Colfer’s character was wearing, it was still solid. Grade: B+

“I’m the Only One” – A good performance, but not necessarily a great one. It was just standard filler fare for Mark Salling’s Puck to sing to Shelby and pretend like he wasn’t. Grade: B-

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Why doesn’t Finn have more solos these days? We know he’s not the flashiest vocalist, but Cory Monteith showed more vulnerability here than any of the other male cast members. Grade: A-

“Jolene” – In addition to Finn, Coach Beiste even had an opportunity to shine here in her first solo ever. It was moving in a surprising way, and it could remain a classic for some time — even if it doesn’t sell a ton of downloads. Grade: B+

“I Kissed a Girl” – This was the title of the episode, but it was a bit of a weird song to see the show perform — mainly because seeing Rachel take part with Santana didn’t make much sense. Grade: C+

“Constant Craving” – Santana closed out the show with a powerful performance, which is good for an episode that was really all about her. Grade: B+

What was your favorite performance of this episode?

Photo: Fox

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