‘Survivor: South Pacific’: first look at ‘Cult Like’

Is Brandon in trouble?

Thanks in part to a week featuring a Thanksgiving-fueled recap episode, it’s been a while since we’ve had something new to actually talk about when it comes to “Survivor: South Pacific.” Thankfully, all of that has changed courtesy of a new CBS press release.

“At the immunity challenge, one tribemate makes a big gesture to a fellow castaway. Meanwhile, an alliance member becomes a liability around camp.”

When it comes to this gesture, it’s really hard to tell what that could be — even though Cochran would be smart to try and use it as a way to build up his status with his tribe. (After all, the guy is in some serious trouble as the last member of Upolo still in the game.)

Meanwhile, we have a better idea that the “liability” mentioned has to be the guy to the left. Brandon has been a loose cannon since the beginning, and he is bound to cause some more trouble now that the sense of panic at the final six starts to settle in. It’s been a while since he’s been in any real danger — how will he react? If Brandon’s not the one in trouble here, it could feasibly by Edna (who has developed a reputation for just sticking to Coach like glue) or Albert (who tends to run around like a headless chicken).

What do you expect to see happen?

Photo: CBS

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