‘Survivor: South Pacific’: what we learned from the recap show

This is still Cochran’s show.

We’re a little bit late with this look at “Survivor” article thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday — but in some ways, the game even took a week off to celebrate the holiday. Much what was in this episode was familiar to most of us, even if there were a few more details thrown in here and there. We see the first real signs of something going on between Keith and Whitney, Coach doing his best evil genius impression, and even Rick actually spoke a few lines here and there to remind us why he has been invisible for most of the season.

Since there are very few winners and losers in a recap, let’s instead use this episode to determine the potential winners and losers out of the remaining cataways.

The Winners

Coach – There’s no questioning that this is Coach’s best game, even if it has taken him three tries to figure it out. With the exception of a few mistakes (such as mocking Mikayla), he has done a great job making everyone on his tribe feel safe — and it also helps to have the immunity idol.

Can Coach win? It’s this that we are really not sure of at the moment. He has a good chance of making it to the end, but Boston Rob may have made it rather difficult for a returning player to get the title this season — even if they deserve it (and Coach does at the moment more than anyone else in the game).

Sophie – Out of everyone left, the editing has Sophie as the biggest threat to actually beat Coach. She saved the Upolu tribe from catastrophe by winning immunity over Whitney, so she has contributed in a big way to the game. She’s also smart enough not to make any risky moves, and she doesn’t seem to be ruffling any feathers.

If she makes it to the end, Sophie could be dangerous — especially since has been on more stable ground than just about anyone.

Albert – Out of everyone that is left on Upolu, Albert may be the only one with a tangible possibility of winning this game. He has been a bit paranoid, but he at least is playing the game without getting completely crazy about everything in the process. With that being said, he needs to actually successfully make a big move to get him some help with a jury vote — and it will need to involve ditching Coach or Sophie.

Cochran – Finally, we have the wild card. While not everyone may like Cochran, he is clearly the star of the season. He has survived without being overtly strong in any way, and it’s all due to him making friends and a little bit of luck.

We might as well say now that Dawn is seemingly the only member of Upolu who would ever vote for him to win in a final three — but if he can get to the end with two Upolu members who have found a way to infuriate their tribe (or a combination of Brandon, Rick, or Edna), he may actually have a slim shot.

The Losers

Everyone at Redemption – It’s hard to really say any of these people have much of a chance. Ozzy has a major edge on Whitney and Dawn to come back into the game — and even if he does down the road, he’ll need to win two immunities to even make it to the final three.

From a social standpoint, this episode (thanks to Ozzy’s arrogance and Whitney’s blanket-snatching from Cochran) showed that Dawn is really the only strong social player out of these three.

Rick – Rick has been a paperweight with a mustache all season — meaning that he will be Mick Trimming all over again if he makes it to the finals. No one will vote for him, and it doesn’t matter if he is a nice guy. You have to actually contribute in some way.

Brandon – This episode not only reminded us of Brandon’s strategic missteps, but also that he ruined the tribe’s valuable chicken supply. Everyone other than Coach (who probably wants to make it to the end with both Brandon and Cochran) wants this guy out — and there’s no way he will ever win in the final three, even against Rick and Edna.

Edna – While Rick is Mick, Edna is Natalie Tenerelli — except with Coach instead of Boston Rob. We were reminded yet again this week that outside of being seen as a coattail-rider, her biggest flaw is that she simply talks too much.

Who do you think is in the biggest amount of danger?

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