‘Survivor: South Pacific’ and why recap shows can matter

Will Rick speak in this?

Usually, recap shows are the sort of thing that most of us like to sleep during. They can be repetitive, often annoying, and fail to really give us much context into anything.

However, “Survivor” managed to break the mold (and even undo some of their poor recap episodes in the past) with a pretty solid episode of this kind during “Nicaragua” last season. Not only did they unveil some funny moments, but there was also some new context into why certain tribemates made their key decisions. For example — we hadn’t seen Purple Kelly at all on the season, and this is where we learned that she had tried to quit the game before the merge even happened (but was convinced to stay). Ultimately, we know what happened to both Kelly and NaOnka in the next episode.

Hopefully, this episode will provide us with some answers on a few key issues.

-Who is Rick? The man has been the male version of Purple Kelly this season, and during this past episode Savaii basically said he’s “not even playing the game.” Ths episode could give us a greater glimpse into his head, along with a sign as why he is either long for the game or destined to lose.

-Why did Cochran flip? It was shown online that Cochran was actually offered a four-person alliance on Upolu, and this was his turning point — however, that was edited out of the original airing.

-Is Coach really in control? The editing has made it appear that way thus far, but we also have to remember that Coach has been fooled many times before in this game … and Albert and Sophie do seem to have some strong heads on their shoulders.

Are you planning to watch this recap episode?

Photo: CBS

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