An Adam Lambert – ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ release date?

More details!

We are still waiting for a good many details when it comes to Adam Lambert’s new single “Better Than I Know Myself,” but it seems that we may have stumbled upon something rather interesting here — a sign that the song is going to be released next month.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it is said in passing that this single (which is from the upcoming album “Trespassing”) will be released at some point in December — though it doesn’t say when. We have thought for some time that it could be early 2012 before we see the song, but there are a few reasons why this makes sense:

1. The holiday season – Let’s be honest here in that many people are going to be getting iTunes giftcards for Christmas. Even though the song may not receive much airplay over the holidays in lieu of Christmas music, digital sales are key to success in the modern era.

2. A jump-start on airplay – If the song impacts radio before Christmas kicks off, then it could already be on playlists leading into the new year — when it will have opportunities to surge. (This is how “Whataya Want From Me” became such a success.)

3. Hype – The earlier Adam gets the song out, the more time people will have to be excited about the album. It’s as simple as that.

Are you hoping that the song does come out next month?

Photo: RCA

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