‘Survivor: South Pacific’: the last predictable episode?

Sophie’s big break?

Let us thank the “Survivor” gods (and no, not Zeus a.k.a. Coach) for a double-elimination — pretty much all of the extra baggage that was the Savaii tribe is now gone from the show, and we are left with a chorus of people who are going to make this game interesting.

Even within all the predictable-ness this week, there were still our traditional winners and losers.

The Winners

Ozzy – After all, he is still in this game — and there is no guarantee that he will lose a duel anytime soon. The biggest risk Ozzy faces is potentially getting cocky, and thinking for a second that he can just walk over people without really thinking about it.

Sophie – As great of a game as Coach is playing, Sophie came into her own this episode. Not only was she smart enough to keep Albert’s alliance with Dawn and Whitney from happening, but she also won two immunities — with the latter being extremely important, since it saved Upolu from descending into chaos one week early.

Coach = Even with this, Coach is still playing a great game. The most important thing is that no one has even considered flushing out his immunity idol yet.

Cochran – It may be crazy, but staying with Upolu is the best move for him to make. He would have zero shot in the endgame against any Savaii member or Sophie / Albert if they had pulled that plan off — at least with Coach and Brandon, there are players with questionable likability.

The losers

Keith and Jim – These two left the game, after all, and our now at the jury. While Keith was only really useful for looking like Joe Manganiello (and for some new tabloid headlines), Jim was actually a pretty strategic player who just couldn’t keep his temper in check. Not a bad villain.

Dawn and Whitney – These two are out of the game, but they are off to Redemption — and both are better competitors than Ozzy may think at first (especially Dawn).

Albert – Albert is torpedoing his game into the ground. People who talk about big moves and don’t do them are cowards, and he’s going to come across badly to both tribes if he makes it to the end.

Rick – Who? Rick is easily the most invisible male player in “Survivor” history. Yes, Brett Clouser went about eight episodes without speaking — but at least he was apparently working behind the scenes at creating some good alliances. Rick’s pre-game videos were great, but now he’s a paperweight in a cowboy hat with no shot at winning. It’s ultimately ironic that the winner of a casting contest is the most absent person on the show. The quote in this episode proved it.

No change

Edna – Everyone already knew she was behind Coach 100%. Nothing has changed.

Brandon – Everyone already knew he was a loose cannon. See above.

Photo: CBS

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