‘Glee’: a look at the ‘Mash-Off’ music

A classic.

“Mash-Off” was an episode that we were looking forward to on “Glee” more than any other — at least when it came to the music. There were some unique mash-ups, some crazy solos, and also one of the best performances we have seen on the show yet.

Here’s the lowdown.

“Hot For Teacher” – “Glee goes punk! Seriously, who expected the show to go in this direction? Puck’s ode to Shelby was not exactly much a musical revelation, but it was thoroughly entertaining and thus a standout in the midst of dozens of similar performances … even if this is never really going to happen for Puck. Grade: B+

“You & I / You & I” – Yes, a mash-up between two songs! Will and Shelby have some good voices, but this didn’t really feel that fantastic — mainly because almost the entire song was the Gaga song, and it sounded weird for these two to be singing this to each other. Grade: C-

“One Way or Another / Hit Me Your Best Shot” – This cover was a bit dated, but the entire dodgeball montage was actually one of the most entertaining things we have seen in some time. The best part? How this confrontation ended up causing one of the best Finn vs. Santana scenes ever on the show. Garde: B-

“I Can’t Go For That / Making My Dreams Come True” – For some reason, Finny loves Hall & Oates — and this felt more than a little bit dated. We did love how this was a positive performance, but neither Finn nor Rory is known as a belter. Grade: C+

“Rumour Has it / Someone Like You” – If you are wondering why The Troubletones for formed, this is your answer — after a painful episode for Santana (one in which her sexuality was pretty much revealed to everyone), she and Mercedes closed out the episode with what may be the best number of the season. Grade: A+

What was your favorite song from this episode?

Photo: Fox

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