‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4: Is Ashley Benson dating Ryan Good … again?

What's next? -Mrs. Carter: Did Justin Bieber’s one-time “swagger coach” get his relationship swagger back?

As ridiculous of a title as that may be, that is what Ryan Good is known as to quite a few people in the Justin Bieber – “Belieber” community. Now for “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson, he may be known as something entirely different: Boyfriend. According to Us Weekly, the two are back on after previously dating for a year, and they have been together under the radar for a few months now.

Benson of course has a very busy schedule of her own, given that “Pretty Little Liars” shoots a whopping 24 episodes a year (and all of them are an hour long). She also has a film career, as evidenced by the fact that she was in “Spring Breakers” earlier this year alongside Selena Gomez and James Franco. She was at one point even actually linked to Franco, but the two denied that there was anything going on between the two of them.

But will the second time be the charm for her and Good? There is still a lot of time to figure that out, since we doubt that there is any pressure here on either side to lock this up with an engagement. Of course, if there is, we will be one of the very first people to report it.

What do you think about Ashley and Ryan as a couple again? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below! “Pretty Little Liars” returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, January 7, and if you click here, you can see a collection of various sneak peeks all about it.

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Photo: ABC Family

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