Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack and Jill’ setting records — for bad reviews

How bad is it?

Is Adam Sandler’s new movie “Jack and Jill” one of the worst-reviewed movies ever? For now, it is certainly appearing like it. Film site currently has the film at an abysmal 2% approval rating, with 51 negative reviews to just one positive review.

Of course, in this day and age it’s next to impossible to actually judge what is the worst-reviewed movie ever. What “Jack and Jill” has going for it (or against it, depending on how you look at this) is that it is opening in an extremely wide release, that it looked pretty terribly from the get-go, and that the movie has resorted to all sorts of product placement tie-ins on TV shows to even get noticed.

If there is one thing the movie still has going for it, though, it’s Sandler — a man who has made millions off of such silly concepts before that dressing in drag does not appear to be so big of a deal. However, sooner or later this train does have to come to a halt — and “Little Nicky” did prove that Sandler’s name is not necessarily guarantee a hit.

Are you actually excited out there to see this movie?

Photo: Sony

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