‘Survivor: South Pacific’: another double-elimination coming

Is Albert the man to flip?

We have seen a number of unusual things go down on “Survivor: South Pacific” — but having double-eliminations for two straight weeks is a surprise even to us.

Before we get too deep into this episode (entitled “Running the Show”), here is the official description via CBS:

“Paranoia among tribemates threatens to break a once-impenetrable alliance, and castaways are shocked at Tribal Council with the announcement of another double elimination. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, a castaway makes a bold threat to his former tribemates during the duel challenge, and two castaways are sent home.”

First and foremost, the double-elimination to us suggests that the show may be choosing to air a recap episode on the night before Thanksgiving — a smart move once you consider that TV ratings generally plummet then.

As for actual strategy, the preview following this week’s episode suggested that Albert tries to make a move with some of the former Savaii members — though this would obviously be a good way to help him win the game, it also doesn’t appear to be that needed yet. Why stick your neck out when you are guaranteed a spot in the final six?

Do you think Albert could be hurting his game big-time by being so paranoid?

Photo: CBS

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