Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald not planning for parenthood ‘anytime soon’

No children at this point

Mrs Carter: They’ve been married for less than a month! Can’t the baby questions take a back seat until the honeymoon is over?  Sheesh!

‘Twilight’ star Nikki Reed and her husband, ‘American Idol’ contestant Paul McDonald have been married for all of a month, but already people are asking the all important question; so when are you planning to start having kids?

McDonald spoke to E! News the other day and put the baby questions to rest, saying that they are both very young and deep into their careers right now, so babies are not on the agenda.  He said;

 “We’re not doing that anytime soon. We’re both young. She’s only 23 so she’s got a whole lot to do. We’re working a bunch right now. We want to still be young and spontaneous and have fun. In a couple years. We haven’t really talked too much about it but we know we want to have kids eventually.”

While kids are not even on the radar for these two, married life has been ‘amazing’ for the couple.  Paul said;

“Married life is amazing. Of course it’s different than before but I felt like me and Nikki, even when we first met, I kind of felt like we were married.”

It’s always interesting to hear newlywed couples being asked about children right away, almost like marriage is this thing you do so that you can quickly move on to having babies.  With so many couples letting their marriages take time to breathe and cultivate before deciding if they even want children, it’s a wonder that people are so quick to ask about baby’s when a couple has been married for like a minute.

Photo: David Shankbone

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