‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Jim gets feisty

Almost Brian Heidik.

Is it weird that our favorite moment of this entire episode of “Survivor: South Pacific” was Jim getting lippy with Jeff Probst when he dropped out of the second immunity challenge?

Unfortunately, we are at a predictable stage of the game — Savaii is outnumbered, and they are getting whittled off one by one at the moment. Therefore, our list of winners and losers really is just as easy to call.

The winners

Coach – It was another solid episode for the Dragonslayer. While he has the power on his side, he is doing his best to be humble and at least decent to the members of the Savaii tribe — after all, they could be voting for him if he goes far.

Dawn – If there is one person on Savaii who actually helped her game this week, it’s Dawn. She has made some inroads with some people on Upolu, and is a pretty smart physical and social player. The problem? Albert is on to her, and she nearly went this week.

Sophie – We once again didn’t see much of many Upolu members this week, but Sophie may actually be playing one of the smartest games. She didn’t agree with Albert’s idea of getting rid of Dawn before Jim, but she listened — ultimately, she just seems to be handling this chess game remarkably well and is not on anyone’s radar.

The losers

Ozzy and Jim – They were each voted out of this game during the double-elimination, and by this time next week only one of them (once you include Keith) will still be around. Ozzy certainly has the edge, but he is also cocky. Jim has a chance in a mental game, and he certainly was the most memorable of the three this season courtesy of his outbursts.

Whitney – Let’s face it — she has a right be upset over Cochran flipping. Unfortunately, being upset does not get you anywhere in this game. She’s next on the chopping block unless she makes a move … and fast.

Brandon – For some reason, Brandon is obsessed with ruining his own game. Considering that he has an outburst pretty much every tribal council, isn’t he too much of a liability — even as a goat?

Albert – Since no one was actually eliminated this week, Albert is the last “loser.” He’s really reminding us of Grant from last season — he has some ideas, but the returning player (in Coach this time) is a step ahead. Albert is far too paranoid for where he is, and this “big move” he makes next week could come back to bite him.

Who do you think is in the best position right now?

Photo: CBS

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