Lindsay Lohan headed back to court Wednesday for progress report

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Will she have to go back?

Whenever the saga of Lindsay Lohan seems over, it somehow manages to find a way to enter the public spotlight yet again.

Lohan has a new progress report hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner set for Wednesday, and TMZ claims that the troubled actress could spend more than a year behind bars if she did in fact violate her probation for failing to comply with various parts of this said order.

However, there seems to be a major disparity present here. Lohan claims that she has completed the court-required counseling by phone when she was out of the country, and she is still doing community service — though at a different place than the women’s center she was first assigned to. (TMZ says that she had missed many scheduled visits to the center since beginning her probation.)

Lindsay herself posted a rather lengthy statement on the matter to her Twitter this past Friday:

“I am not to be made an example of anymore. I am working hard and fulfilling my obligations every single day, to the court as well as myself. If I travel, its for work and its been approved. As is anything I do when I leave the state. I’d appreciate it if people will just let me do what is asked of me, so that I can get my life back. Please ignore the reports which have no truth to them.”

Do you think that Lindsay is going to find herself back in trouble again soon?

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