Conrad Murray could receive house arrest over Michael Jackson passing

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The trial continues…

While we still have to find out if Dr. Conrad Murray is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter before we truly know what the future holds, there is some rather interesting speculation floating around out there suggesting that the doctor could end up serving a good bit of his sentence inside his own home if this verdict is reached.

According to TMZ, due some to issues such as overcrowding, Murray would only actually serve less than two years in jail if he is convicted with the maximum sentence (which is four years for this crime). However, he could in this case very well serve less than that in actual prison. Since he would be convicted of what is considered a non-violent felony and poses no risk to the outside world, Murray would be allowed to spent a good percentage of his sentence in house arrest. (The last case in which we saw this happen was Lindsay Lohan, where she wore an electronic monitoring bracelet inside of her home.)

If Murray is ultimately convicted here, do you think house arrest is the fairest way for him to serve out his sentence?

Photo: Pintoandres90

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