‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 spoilers: Will Jaime King’s pregnancy impact series?

May 5, 2013 9 comments
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Hart of DixieMrs. Carter: Jaime King is pregnant, but what will this mean for Lemon Breeland?

As you may have heard earlier this weekend, the 34-year old former model and “Hart of Dixie” actress is expecting her first child with husband Kyle Newman, and is due to give birth later this year. This is certainly great news for the couple, who has been married since 2007 and were clearly looking to start a family.

As for King’s hit CW series, the implications of this news are a little murkier. Season 3 production is going to start up in July or August, and by that time, the actress will likely be showing. Could her pregnancy result in Lemon’s story line being shelved for a certain part of the season? This is something that most TV shows know how to handle, but how do you write King out of the series for a stretch of time considering that she and Wade are running the Rammer Jammer?  It looks like it could be a difficult task, but surely the team behind “hart of Dixie” will find a solution to since “Hart of Dixie” is not the same without Lemon.

One of the other debates is just whether or not you choose to write in a pregnancy into the show. Having this sort of storyline would surely change the Lemon character forever, since she would have an entirely new commitment in her life. We’re not sure if the writers want to give her this sort of change while still so early in the show’s potential run (and considering Lemon really hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone), and the other option is using camera angles and post-production in order to keep her pregnancy hidden. This is what producers on “Glee” are doing with Heather Morris, and what “Homeland” did with Claire Danes.

Are you happy for King, and how do you think the pregnancy will impact “Hart of Dixie” season 3? If you want to read more news about the upcoming finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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