‘Shark Tank’ review: FuzziBunz, Posture Now, Rock Bands, Liz Lovely Cookies

September 28, 2012 1 comment
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We have another new episode of “Shark Tank” to enjoy, and there really was quite a bit to like here: food, clothing, and something to improve your posture. Okay, the last one is not so much fun … but it is important.

Let’s not waste any time here, and get right to some of the pitches.

Liz Lovely Cookies – From a practical standpoint, we can understand why vegan and gluten-free cookies would be something that would have a market. However, there are so many problems with this sort of product. First things first, vegan foods are expensive more often than not; then, you have to remember that the common carnivore won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

More than anything else, we saw both of these problems play out in the tank for this husband-and-wife duo, and they may actually be one of the few contestants who was better off had they not gone on the show. Why? Now they had Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John say they were not huge fans of the product on live TV. Their only chance came from Mark Cuban, but it turns out that he wanted more of their company than they were willing to give up.

Rock Bands -Lee Dahlberg came into the tank with a pretty interesting product in bracelets that contain elements of stones in them. What he left with was really a great deal thanks largely to one thing: his name and his trademarks. Even though we would have personally taken the offer from Kevin and Barbara Corcoran which would have allowed him to just sit around and collect money forever, he decided instead to team up with Mark and Damon in giving up 40% of his company in the process.

FuzziBunz – This is something that is going to just be all a matter of personal preference. Let’s just be honest: not everyone wants to use a cloth diaper on their children. This is what was being sold here. Unfortunately, there were all sorts of problems here, including manufacturing, patents, and problems that have hindered revenue.

Thanks to all of these issues, this was one product with millions in sales that did not end up getting an investor.

Posture Now – This is the pitch that we highlighted in our preview piece, and there it seemed to be far better than it actually did here. What was the biggest problem with this posture strap? The people pitching it. They did not really seem to appreciate the offer from Kevin, and then went back at Daymond over whether or not he “deserved” to be here.

There were many a couple of offers that back and forth, but in the end Mark made the best offer. He took 30% of the company, and he also took a royalty that was strictly so that he could get his money back. We don’t know how many people in the mainstream are going to want to buy this product, but it is something many of them could certainly use.

What was your favorite pitch from this episode, and are there any products here that you would want to buy? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can check out some other notable products from this season over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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