‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Lea Michele focus of premiere title

July 20, 2012 2 comments
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Just in case you needed another reminder that we are going to be seeing a completely new Rachel Berry when “Glee” premieres season 4 on Thursday, September 12, we now have one courtesy of the episode’s official title.

According to a new report from TVLine, the first episode of the new season is going to carry the title of “The New Rachel,” which of course suggests one thing to us above all else — Lea Michele’s character really is going to be the focus. We already knew hat his would be the episode that marked the beginning of Kate Hudson’s multi-episode arc as a sort of dance mentor to he character, and it should also focus some on the struggles that Rachel is going to face while in a school as intimidating as NYADA can be.

What is a bitĀ interestingĀ about “Glee” is that despite knowing that Rachel is heading off to a new city with new people, we still haven’t heard anything in regards to casting for some of these new characters. We know that there is going to be a new roommate for Rachel, and we are presuming she is also going to interact with some of her other classmates at the school — especially those who have many similarities to her when it comes to ambition.

As for what is going to happen with McKinley, the suggestion is that we will still see the school during the season premiere — although executive producer Ryan Murphy wants to show off a new setting and a new theme for the show, he also is going to want to remind everyone of what “Glee” was originally about to begin with.

What do you think about the premiere title having such a heavy focus on Rachel? If you want to check out some other recent “Glee” speculation for season 4, be sure to follow this link.

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